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Online pharmacy sales of new regulations to help potential pharmaceutical electricity suppliers to tap new markets

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Pharmaceutical electricity suppliers ushered in a major policy favorable. On May 28, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (comment draft) "(hereinafter referred to as the" draft "), people from all walks of life to give feedback, according to the provisions of the State Food and drug administration, the feedback opinions of the closing date for June 27.

"The new regulations for the comments of the Internet, is my online drug business since the most shocking once." Health off network CEO Sue exhibition of "China runs a newspaper" the reporter said that in his view, due to the "draft" and past the strict control provisions of online pharmacies operate in a major breakthrough, a clear prescription drugs in online sales, not only for online pharmacy practitioners feel excited, will also to the pharmaceutical industry brought great shock.

Today, this good news has begun to affect the major electricity suppliers and pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies market huge cake has been near their eyes.

Multiple ice breaking

"In my opinion, the new regulations in the field of online drug sales have lots of breakthrough, not just the online sales of prescription drugs red lifting the ban it." Has been engaged in the field of online pharmacy industry veteran Wang Li (a pseudonym) said, of course, certainly prescription drugs can be online sales is one of the most important highlights."

Referring to the draft, in Article VIII can see clear reference: Internet drug operators shall be in accordance with the requirements prescribed drug classification management, prescription sales of prescription drugs; prescription standards, formats, such as valid shall comply with the relevant provisions of the management of prescription.

"This is determined by the B2C platform can sell prescription drugs, and clear the direction of online sales." Wang Li said.

While in the middle of last year, the State Food and drug administration, drug cosmetics regulatory Secretary Li Guoqing has said that the country will not let go of the online pharmacy license, it is less likely to allow online sales of prescription drugs.

According to the State Food and Drug Administration on online pharmacies earlier provisions, access to the Internet and drug trading licenses of enterprises can only be sold on the Internet (OTC). 2012 total sales of the national drug distribution industry amounted to 11122 yuan, but only a small proportion of non prescription drug sales, sales of non prescription drugs dominated the total retail sales of only 222 billion 500 million yuan.

Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute (CFDA) of the Chinese drug retail monitoring and analysis system shows that in 2013 China's pharmaceutical retail terminal size of 255 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 12.8%, 2007~2013 year average annual growth rate of 15.1%.

Prescription drug sales accounted for 70% to 80% of the overall sales of domestic drugs, therefore, the size of the domestic prescription drugs market." Wang Li said, in order to break through the overall size of the pharmaceutical market size, the total prescription drugs more than 800 billion yuan, and the profit is far higher than non prescription drugs, open to the electricity suppliers, can be said to have great potential."

The second highlights of the draft is likely to open online pharmacies operating threshold. "The draft" in the provisions of Article 7, "in addition to the laws and regulations do not need to apply for the main business of the relevant license, food and drug Internet operators should obtain food and drug business license or registration certificate; food, health food, cosmetics, medical equipment production license or registration certificate of the enterprise can through Internet sales of the enterprise production products."

Longyan, President of China Association of pharmaceutical materials online pharmacies branch believes that from the point of view of these Provisions, the State Food and drug administration to online pharmacies threshold requirements looks greatly reduced, basically can be seen as any physical pharmacy if you want to engage in the business of online sale of drugs, can do.

In accordance with the requirements of the previous regulatory authorities on online pharmacies, pharmacy applications for Internet pharmacies should be no problem, the single pharmacy is not, but from the new regulations, the monomer pharmacies are no problem." Evaluation of Longyan.

"Because when you first set up the Internet sales regulatory system, only pharmaceutical trading license, no equipment trading license, which leads to only do medical equipment sales enterprises are unable to carry out online sales, to sales on the Internet, you must first sell drugs." A person engaged in medical equipment retail chain business, told reporters that.

The source said that from 2009 began seeking to obtain the qualification of online sales. However, to get a copy of Internet drug transaction license hardships. After several years of twists and turns, he by the sponsor of the way, the products sold to an online pharmacies, and pharmacy through this platform to sell. "This approach increases the flow of links, increase operating costs, product retail prices are also greatly reduced the competitiveness of."

cost reduction

"The new regulations allow the community to see that the state to promote the development of the electricity business as an important factor in promoting economic development, give strong support." Su chin believes that promoting the development of online pharmacies, allowing prescription drugs online sales have at least two benefits.

First of all, is the development of the domestic electricity suppliers can be in line with the world." Soviet union. At present, the online pharmacy business in Europe and America and Japan already has a considerable scale.

According to foreign pharmaceutical industry data, the size of the U.S. online pharmacy sales have accounted for 30% of the overall size of the sales, Japan's data is 17%, while Europe is 23%. In contrast, China pharmaceutical supplies Association released the 2013 Chinese Medicine