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Fosun articles drug 3-5 years to build the national pharmaceutical logistics network

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Yesterday, Sinopharm group and Fosun Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai. The two sides will set up a joint venture company, plans to spend 5-10 billion dollars in 3-5 years to build a nationwide pharmaceutical logistics network, storage area will reach 3 million square meters. At the same time, the two sides also announced that the first pharmaceutical logistics project in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone landing, planning to build a provincial distribution logistics warehousing center.

Reporters learned yesterday in signing the scene to understand, Sinopharm group and Fosun Group to set up a joint venture company, the shareholding ratio of the former accounted for 40% of shares, which accounted for 60%. Fosun's estate professional engaged in logistics business of the real estate business Star Hong capital, will and Sinopharm Logistics team together, building a nationwide vertical and specialization of pharmaceutical logistics system. It is reported that the first project in Hangzhou Xiaoshan after landing, Sinopharm group and Fosun plan through 3-5 years, covering the country's 10 regional logistics center to build, 20 provincial logistics center and 30 province distribution center, warehousing area reached 300 million square meters.

Sinopharm Group Chairman Wei, Yulin said that the plan not only to perfect Chinese medicine logistics the drug network construction and the last mile delivery system, but also to become open, sharing, the socialization of medical logistics infrastructure platform. At the same time, using Internet technology, to provide services for the medicine enterprise electronic commerce, logistics companies, warehousing enterprises, the third party medical logistics service providers, supply chain service providers and other various medical health enterprises and consumers, and ultimately realize the sharing of resources, reduce operating costs, provided the high logistics efficiency and level.