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Key words inventory of those 2015 pharmaceutical O2O

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The footsteps of 2015 just left. In the past year, Internet consumption habits gradually formed, "dawdler" economy to penetrate deep into the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical o2o market has become increasingly unpopular. State Food and Drug Administration statistics show that in the first half of last year, with the qualification of the Internet trading business together for 425, the number of enterprises increased by 56.3%. At the same time, with the average growth rate of e-commerce business revenue of the Internet is more than 50%, far higher than the traditional mode of drug distribution sales growth, pharmaceutical O2O industry began to enter a new era of rapid development.

Standing at the year-end nodes stop to look back, it is not difficult to find, pharmaceutical industry related policies of deregulation and the capital strength is entered in a large-scale, contributed to the rapid growth of medical o2o platform, and some keywords also in the agitation of the industry forward in surfaced, o2o medicine for the 2015 the bright brand of the times.


Key words: M & A

Last December, the jingle of fast drug app parent company Renhe pharmaceutical announcement, intended to non-public offering of a shares of the way to raise funds, the investment projects including the 7212 million yuan acquisition of jingle medicine 60% equity interest, 32630.4 million yuan acquisition of Jingweiyuanhua 56% equity and capital ownership to 60%, and so on. According to the announcement, Renhe pharmaceutical will to Beijing "28 minutes fast delivery" model as a template to the promotion of the national urban, and eventually developed throughout the grid without dead angle of pharmaceutical display, medical inventory, pharmacist physicians practice place, shop door distribution for various number of hundreds of thousands of home customers neighbor terminal system. According to the latest news, the non-public offering of A shares of the application documents have been accepted, the need for further examination of the China Securities Regulatory commission. Renhe pharmaceutical as a traditional listed pharmaceutical companies and do a lot of mergers and acquisitions of industrial layout, visible the determination, but it can be a stuttering fat remains to be seen.

Time push farther down, old people big pharmacy in first nine months of acquisition of 114 stores, involving Hefei people big pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., Hunan Kang Yixin large pharmacy chain Co., Ltd and so on many companies. People big pharmacy in the bulletin pointed out that the construction of the line under the line entities will also promote its interaction with the company's O2O platform, so as to achieve the integration of the new model of the company's pharmaceutical retail business. In addition, last year's successful landing in the new board of "medicine o2o first shares" Kang home is also presented, the future does not rule out restructuring outside the province and medium-sized chain pharmaceutical companies mergers and acquisitions. It can be predicted that, with the continued warming of the pharmaceutical O2O, the future capital acquisitions may become the new norm in the development of the industry.

Key words two: financing

Than traditional pharmaceutical companies through the capital mergers and acquisitions "overweight" medicine o2o business more attractive to the eye, is based on the model of the Internet to create medicine o2o platform to get the round of financing. Last July, the State Council issued "on actively promoting" Internet plus "action guidance", put forward by 2018, integration and development of the Internet and the economic society in various fields to further deepen, the new format of the Internet has become a new economic growth engine based on the Internet, the supporting role of entrepreneurship, innovation to further enhance. Under the impetus of the policy, as a new form of Internet plus "into the pharmaceutical industry of medicine O2O platform, sought after by the capital market.

At present, obtain capital favor O2O team has fast medicine prescription and drugs, drug fast and good awesome. In particular, a late start of the medicine is quick to let people in 2015. Drug fast is the early establishment of medicine o2o platform, since last July after on-line users continues to surge in the number of, has in Zhoushan city such as Beijing, Jinan, and many famous drugstore reached a cooperation established a perfect line and distribution service network, ensure that within 1 hour of drug delivery door. Public information show that last year, the drug was nearly good has received Pre-A round of $10 million financing. As a traditional medicine in the background of the enterprise, can quickly get recognized by the capital side, also indirect evidence of its unique features. 1 hour to send medicine home this concept to 2016 might no longer fresh. The advent of the winter capital also allows each financing not so smooth, now want to come to the fore in the similar products, must be to have differentiated services. Is like medicine fortunately quick before the establishment of the. In fact, the a online registration inquiry products doctor tree, has accumulated a large number of users with drug demand attributes, drug fast well, let the medicine and drug business model to form a closed loop. Guess it should be good to the secret drug fast catch-up.

Key words three: Cooperation

In traditional pharmaceutical companies, capital strength and push into behind the o2o field of medicine, in addition to bring internet consumption patterns change, more driving force from the pharmaceutical industry related policies of deregulation. Medicine o2o platform business products and other o2o platform are well known for essentially the difference is related to people's health and life safety of special consumer goods, has the very strong dependence to the medical profession. Last January, the national health plan students Commission, the national development and Reform Commission, human resources and social security department, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, China Insurance Regulatory Commission will jointly issued "on promoting and specification of physicians more practice of a number of opinions", the further removed from the more practicing doctors face restrictions, o2o industry pharmaceutical is undoubtedly good.

In fact, so, in the past year, the pharmaceutical O2O platform have through industry cooperation, expand the professional physician resources. For example, jingle fast drug, in July last year and the doctor-patient communication platform access to each other's spring doctor cooperation, online inquiry service, improve the medical treatment and medicine chain; fast good platform, very early and doctor-patient communication service platform to complete the docking platform doctor tree, consists of more than 80 thousand professional doctor Shu Ping on stage to provide medication consultation service; Ping venture with administration of awesome, awesome as a good doctor safe drug APP drug distribution service providers, but also get the doctor resources to provide medication counseling and guidance services. In the future as users of internet medical service requirements continue to improve, believe that medical + drug cooperation model will become the mainstream.

In addition to the physician more practice policies, net sales of prescription drugs is also expected to be relaxed. Before the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug management approach (Draft), to be released online pharmacy sales of prescription drugs. Once the net sales of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical O2O market will further volume growth. So in the new year, the traditional pharmaceutical companies how to speed up the transformation of Internet plus? Innovative medicine O2O platform how to use the power of capital rapid rise? Consumers will get what new medicine O2O application experience? Let's wait and see.

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