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"In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical beginning life" college students in Jiangsu city to carry out the winter vacation social practice China medicine

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In the pharmaceutical companies throughout the medical city, the selection of several outstanding enterprises as we conducted a field study tour. Students into the Jiangsu Huayi cells for tissue engineering company, experience the artificial skin clean and sterile production environment, understanding the in vitro skin cells in culture with respect to the advantage of xeno skin and autologous skin graft; into Taizhou Overseas Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., by the medical department 79 alumni, founder Dr. Wen Xiaoguang enthusiasm reception know him to do poineering work history and hopes for pharmaceutical industry a better future, make the students here are encouraged by. Let the most profound impression than the company's carefully prepared brainstorming session, we discussed the fluidized bed technology, IVIVC, ANDA and other issues discussed. There is no professional barriers, only the collision of ideas, to enhance the sense of belonging to the pharmaceutical industry, a sense of responsibility.

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The practice group went into the laboratory to understand all aspects of industrial production. Practice group have also entered the China Medical City CMC, Taizhou pharmaceutical Park party working committee member, the discipline committee secretary Xu Yongqian for everybody detailed introduction the city of pharmaceutical development course, government departments set and the city of pharmaceutical the advantage. Students on the "talent in the Management Committee of the professional development" "CMC regulatory functions" and other issues and Xu Yongqian conducted a communication.

For a period of five days of practice investigation, students from the pharmaceutical research and development, production, registration to the management department of the government personnel management, training and other aspects of the different understanding and harvest. 12 undergraduate Liang Shuyao said: the practical activities in contact with several outstanding entrepreneurs, their excellent quality infected with me, strengthen my determination to start a business." Doctoral He Xiaomeng said "drug R & D enterprises develop ideas and vision research work, I will research work in the field of medicine as their modest, try to make some achievements." Will graduate, and intends to employment in the pharmaceutical city Ning Canjian said: the medical city administrative committee to provide a good development platform for talent, I am very lucky to be here to open a career, to achieve personal value." Students rich harvest and experience, is the value of the practice of the Chinese medicine city where the meaning lies.